The Cycle Rack Vol. 01

The Cycle Rack Vol. 01


A Dynamic Drum Rack & Effects Suite for Ableton Live 9 & 10


  • 64 pads of round-robin style drum sounds, each programmed with up to 4 different samples for unparalleled dynamic & natural playability.

  • Over 200 high-quality meticulously programmed drum samples.

  • Quick & intuitive access to a wide palate of sounds from a single drum rack with color-coded pads grouped by drum type†.

  • Additional macro control over individual drum layer volume, as well as 808 level, tuning, & saturation parameters.

  • An Effects Rack complete with 8 different macro-controlled multi-fx, ranging from subtle enhancers to creatively destructive audio tools fine-tuned for use with The Cycle Rack sounds.

  • 16 royalty-free loops in MIDI & AUDIO format showcasing the power of The Cycle Rack vol. 01

† Pad colors only visible via Ableton Push or Push 2. 

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The Story of The Cycle Rack

by DiViNCi

This has been YEARS in the making!

I've been using personally using this production tool for a few years both on & off stage. It's called The Cycle Rack vol. 01 and while it is filled with useful samples, it is anything but just another sound pack.

First, a little history...

Back in 2007, I was working with Akai in testing & feature development of the MPC5000. One of the features I suggested was called "Cycle", which allowed users more dynamic drum programming by cycling through multiple samples assigned to a pad in a round robin fashion. This feature has been implemented in every MPC since & became integral to my ability to play realistic & dynamic sounding drums in my live set & studio productions.

Years later, a good friend by the name of @masadampc fully realized the potential of the cycle feature in a creation of his own called The Cycle Kit. In short, these MPC kits are comprised of meticulously curated & designed drum samples that change when you hit the pads. So you never hear the same sound twice in a row, just like a real drum kit. However, while there are a few companies that make realistic drum libraries and plugins, the sounds Masada programmed have the super real quality of more contemporary productions & techniques.

Every one of the drums has the rich character of a classic drum break & thanks to careful layering & processing, the sonic quality of more modern music. These were the best one-shot drums I had heard. I started using them on EVERY track I was producing. They were so good, in fact, that I almost didn't want anyone else to know about them... at first.

After I realized how great these cycle kits were, I thought it a shame I could only use them in the MPC and quickly went to work adapting them to the Ableton format. After a ton of tedious work, I was left with something that wasn't just identical to the original kits but also used the capabilities of Ableton Live to full advantage allowing more control of the kits then previously possible. And now, I have worked with Masada to make these enhanced Ableton versions available to the world today. A lot of love, time & collective skill has gone into this so I can’t wait for u to check them out! -DiViNCi of Studio Sensei