CROSSFADE: From Producer to Performer

Crossfade is a workshop series that demonstrates how to transition seamlessly from one art to another.  There’s a popular misconception that learning a new skill requires us to start from scratch, but with the crossfade series, we teach you how to adapt your existing artistic reflexes into strengths that are useful in seemingly unfamiliar territory.

A Necessary Step to Success. 

Live performance can be the most freeing and, ultimately, the most important step you can take for your own success and happiness. This workshop will provide you with the confidence and the tools needed to do so. 

If you make beats, or music in the studio round out your creative tool set by learning how to adapt your songs into a performance.. and how you take what you learn from the stage and bring it back to the studio.

Melrose Center Audio Studio - Orlando Public Library, second floor
101 E Central BLVD, Orlando, FL


Cost: $75