Alex Park

It’s hard to quantify how valuable my sessions with DiViNCi were. In just a few conversations, he led me to a place where he was able to unlock parts of my potential that I could not unlock myself. He broke the glass walls and ceilings I had been running into for years, somehow undoing years of damage in minutes.  He was masterful with his questions, incisive and deliberate, and got to the heart of the matter of what was holding me back with incredible precision. There were countless times in our talks where I was left so impacted that all I could find was one “wow....” after another.. and truly, when we addressed these areas, it was like a dam being broken and I’ve had an outpouring of creativity flow from me since then. No great creator reached their fullest potential without the help of a coach or mentor who brought wisdom and truth at the right time and I feel lucky to have had DiViNCi as mine.

Studio Sensei